Toon Verbeek

💼 product manager at
🇳🇱 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
😌 sci-fi, systems thinking, finance, history, starcraft, d&d
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Who I am

Hi there 👋 My name is Toon and I'm a developer-turned-product-manager currently living in Amsterdam. I've been writing code on-and-off for 10+ years and I really enjoy making things. I get in the flow by thinking about solutions to particular problems. I like designing workflows, bringing them to life with code.

I like to spend big chunks of my time understanding how the world works. Big systems - like our financial system for example - present a great intellectual challenge for me. I try to go deep and understand the feedback cycles that power these systems by reading books, listening to podcasts and journaling. This curiosity to understand the world around us is what drives me in my life.

I enjoy the act of putting information into spreadsheets, though I'm not a natural mathematician, that is: working with numbers does not come easily. I enjoy creating and looking at structured information: graphs, spreadsheets, infographics.

I love reading and playing games. I keep a list at the bottom of this page of the books I read and I read a lot of science fiction! The Broken Earth is one of my favorite sci-fi series of recent times. Game-wise I spend my time mostly with tactical and strategy games. My favorite game is probably StarCraft, which I've been playing ever since I was a kid.

What I do

With a degree in Software Engineering and hands-on experience as a Product Manager, I'm comfortable talking with both engineers and customers.

I'm experienced in building B2B SaaS products but am interested in anything with a recurring revenue model and a scaleable product.
Together with an amazing team I'm working on creating recruitment software for the creative industry. As a PM I help the team build a product people love to use.

I've lead efforts in rebuilding core parts of the product and launching several new features.

I very much enjoy building sideprojects in my spare time. It's the ideal way to develop myself both as engineer and as product manager.

I started my first sideproject in December 2017. is like Pinterest but for recipes. was my second sideproject which I started shortly after joining Homerun. It's a modern take on the company wiki - an attempt to help your team structure knowledge.

substract is what I'm currently working on. It's a tool aimed at people who are just starting out with budgeting. It's meant to be a fun, simple and extremely fast tool to use.

Thinkers I admire

I enjoy trying to understand how the world works. I owe a great deal to these people and I aspire to be like them one day:

  • Farnam Street (Shane Parrish)

  • Wait but Why (Tim Urban)

  • Principles (Ray Dalio)

  • Stratechery (Ben Thompson)

  • (Julian Shapiro)

  • Inspired: building tech products people love (Marty Cagan)

Books I read in 2019 (title - score 1-10)

  1. Thinking in bets - 8,5

  2. Atomic habits - 8

  3. The Fifth Season (Broken Earth series part 1) - 8,5

  4. The Obilisk Gate (Broken Earth series part 2) - 8,5

  5. The Stone sky (Broken Earth series part 3) - 8,5

  6. Normal people - 8

  7. Terraforming Mars - 7,5

  8. Delta-V - 7,5

  9. Firefighting: The Financial Crisis and Its Lessons - 7,5

  10. Children of time - 7,5

  11. Waste tide - 7

  12. Chop wood, get water - 7,5

  13. Barbarian days - 8

  14. Supernova era - 7,5

  15. The calculating stars - 7,5

  16. The man who solved the market - 7,5

  17. Murderbot Diaries part 1 - 8

  18. These Truths: A History of the United States - unfinished